How incredible would it be to have images and 360° video of void spaces marked on a map where they were taken? Visual markers taken throughout the entire search campaign and shared amongst response teams. Well, for the first time in a rescue, our camera, FirstLook360 and the FL360 App give you the ability to do this. The picture shown in the post displays 360° videos in numbered clusters that were recorded at specific locations. As you zoom in closer in the map the clusters can and will separate in the location they were recorded. Simply press one of the numbered markers and voila, a library of 360° videos recorded at the scene that are available for the operator to share instantly. The video files include GPS, date, time, FL360 camera serial number, and file size data.

This is the first of many advances the Agility team will introduce over time and we’re really excited for whats next.

Contact us today for a demo by calling 604-259-1579 or email us at

To see the camera at work, check out how the FL360 Camera works wirelessly with the FL360 App……

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