In this weeks blog post from the Agility Bat Lab, we make tribute to the original Batman, Adam West.  He heralded the dawn of tech geeks and made us all want to be one.  May you rest in peace sir.

Threaded Anchor Points – Why did we include threaded anchor points in the design of FL360?

Well first of all, the rear threaded anchor point was already designed into the housing of the camera so that it could provide a connection point for our collapsible/extendable boom pole.  This allowed the camera to be extended into a void space much like traditional cameras in the market today.  What we realized later was that we could use an eye bolt and/or hook attachment as well to allow the camera to be lowered into a vertical space using rope.

The second threaded anchor point was basically an after thought.  We found out when we started testing in real life … the point of 360° means it doesn’t matter which way it is hung, so we included a threaded hole at the top of the camera’s arch.  This is where the ingenuity of the rescue community kicked in.  We received suggestions like making a screw in probe to move things out of the way within a void space, using a hook attachment to pull things out of a space.  It was also suggested we could you use a flashlight attachment or a magnet if need be.  Basically what we’ve created is a visual multipurpose tool.

One of the more unusual suggestions was to attach carabiners to the front and the back anchor points and have the camera slide down a cable like a “Bat Torpedo.”  Yes, this was suggested and thinking about it more and more, it isn’t a bad idea.  So with that all said, what would you use the threaded anchor points for?  Please let us know at


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