1. Faster Searches

2. Operational Flexibility

3. Collaboration

4. Reduced Down-time

5. Capability Augmentation 


1.  Faster Search 

Upon entry into a void space the FL360 instantly captures a live 360-degree spherical view which can be controlled and explored by simply swiping a finger in any direction across the viewing screen. Two-way audio capability allows a simultaneous audio search. The lightweight modular design makes it easier and faster to transport & deploy.

2.  Operational Flexibility 

The FL360 can operate in either wired or wireless modes and is extremely versatile. The design is portable, rugged, modular and IP68 rated to support use in a variety of operational situations; Structural Collapse, Fire Investigation, Evidence Gathering, Vehicle Extrication, Confined Space, Hazmat, and High Angle rescue. Multiple threaded connection points on the camera head allow it to be easily adapted to function with other hardware & equipment.

3.  Collaboration 

The tablet that comes with FL360 Kit can be connected via GSM/3G and LTE making it compatible with mobile networks around the world (including FirstNet). Live view or snapshot recordings can be shared, stored for secondary review, or viewed in virtual reality. Meta data such as source, time, date, GPS location, allow recordings to be plotted on mapping programs.

4.  Reduced Down-time

The FL360 contains no moving parts yet achieves a wider field of view than competitive units. Mechanical articulated joints, integral to traditional products are prone to failure and breakage. Repairs are expensive and can put a traditional camera out of service for periods of a month or more. The FL360 comes standard with onboard diagnostics and software that can be updated over the internet greatly reducing the potential for down time due to service.

5.  Capability Augmentation 

An ongoing process of software development and capability enhancement based upon direct customer feedback will increase the capability of the FL360 going forward. Upgrades and additional features can be downloaded to augment an existing camera head capability. This adds a significant forward-looking value proposition over traditional search camera systems that are stand alone and static.

Check out a head-to-head search camera comparison here or email us at info@agilitycorp.com for a NO obligation budgetary quote.


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