Richmond, BC, Canada., April 3rd, 2019

Agility Technologies Corporation (ATC) is proud to announce that the revolutionary FirstLook360 (FL360) rescue camera has been included on the 2019 FEMA USAR Equipment Cache List. Starting today, any FEMA Urban Search and Rescue Team’s can purchase the FirstLook360 (FL360) camera system as part of their approved equipment cache. The FL360 system was designed specifically for Technical Search Specialists, Canine Operators and Medical Specialists allowing them new 360° spherical imaging technology, wireless/wired capabilities and mobile integration.

FL360 contains no mechanical articulated camera head a common point of failure with existing search and rescue cameras.  The FL360 streams real-time video and two-way audio ’s via its proprietary application. It is capable of mobile integration via FirstNet or other LTE networks. A user can record 360° spherical video, take snapshots, transmit and receive two-way audio via the robust, multi-use camera head. Using the provided tablet, the rescuer is able to view an entire space by using a finger with swipe gestures on the tablet or with the app’s virtual joystick feature to control the focus area.

FirstLook360 system is listed under the Technical Search Equipment Section on the 2019 FEMA Cache – Item Number – TF-0131.00

Andy Ibbetson, Co-Founder and Director of Product Development at ATC, commented, “being included on the FEMA USAR the equipment cache list is a great honour.  For our team this represents a validation of the hard work that has gone into the development and testing of the revolutionary FirstLook360.  I would be remiss not to recognize the hard work performed by the Task Force Team Leaders who put the camera forward for inclusion on the list. Agility’s goal was to put “Tech” back into Technical Rescue and this is a big step forward in achieving that goal.”

About Agility Technologies:

Agility Technologies Corporation engineer best-in-class imaging and communications products for emergency, military and industrial professionals working in hazardous environments.

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