Wow! What an awesome experience it is to take a product into a whole new world! The FirstLook 360 was built to be rugged and multipurpose but who knew the extent of it!… Last week we were in the UK and met with a prominent Police force to discuss law enforcement applications for the FL360 camera. The next couple of hours was a combination of enlightenment (for us) and excitement (for us all) as the cogs of our minds started turning and we explored the many potential use cases for the FL360 by Law enforcement professionals, it was a really eye opening experience. Follows is a quick summary of the areas this rugged 360 camera could be used.

Specialty Firearm teams, Emergency Response Teams, Prisons, Hostage Situations, Drug Lab Takedowns, Large Vehicle Search, Ship Board Void Search & Seizure, Room Entry & Clearing, Building search – attics, basements, crawlspaces. Additionally, the ability to record and share and playback a full 360 view of an area before carrying out an operation could be a real game changer.

We left a camera system for evaluation and trial can’t wait to get the feedback… more to come on this…

Posted by Andy Ibbetson –


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