We at Agility are incredibly excited to give you the Search & Rescue community a sneak peak into what we’ve been working on. Let me introduce FIRSTLOOK360, the First Wireless Streaming 360° Rescue Camera.  Launching in early 2017, this will be the first camera of its kind offered to the technical rescue market and giant leap in technology in visual search.  It was our goal with FL360 to utilize current consumer technology and mobile to make a product that was simple, modular, multi-purpose, and adaptable.   Any rescuer experienced in the area of technical search can easily point out the weak areas of current visual search camera’s; they’re heavy,  the mechanical articulation of the camera head is prone to damage, quick battery drain, configurations are static and the units are an expensive “one trick pony”. FL360 increases battery power, decreases search time, and allows a multipurpose tool that can be used in various technical rescue applications. 


FL360 is a hybrid hardware/software product that utilizes dual cameras and custom built software to stitch multiple live video streams together and create a smooth image landscape that can be viewed and manipulated on a mobile device (Tablet or Smartphone). Additionally, the digital streams broadcast in HD quality and are designed to transmit both wired and/or wirelessly to any Android powered mobile device (Tablet/Smartphone).  Using the power of our FL360 app, the live video streams are stitched together to display an immersive 360° environment of the space you’re targeting.  Features also include two-way audio, 360° LED illumination control, spatial grid overlay, GPS/Time/Date, Pinch & Zoom, and much more.  To give you a better idea on how it will work, use your smartphone, open YouTube or Facebook and search for a 360° video.  Once the video is loaded, use your finger to swipe through the entire 360° environment.

For over 15 years, we’ve seen little change in the technology provided in visual search and as a new startup we wanted to change that.  Andy Ibbetson formally of CON-SPACE Communications and Savox Communications and myself have worked together for over 10 years and have a combined 30 + years of experience in the Emergency Services market.   We are confident that the FL360 and its intuitive App will exceed user expectations, increase capabilities and open avenues for collaboration that previously have been denied due to currently available antiquated search equipment. We recognize the shift in higher user expectations for technical products and the need for cost effective, practical solutions. All of us here at Agility want to put the “TECH” back into Technical Rescue.

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Matt Fiddes – Co-Founder / Partner / Director – Sales & Marketing


Andy Ibbetson – Co-Founder / Partner / Director – Product Development



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