FirstLook360 and Law Enforcement Applications

FirstLook360 and Law Enforcement Applications

Wow! What an awesome experience it is to take a product into a whole new world! The FirstLook 360 was built to be rugged and multipurpose but who knew the extent of it!… Last week we were in the UK and met with a prominent Police force to discuss law enforcement applications for the FL360 camera. The next couple of hours was a combination of enlightenment (for us) and excitement (for us all) as the cogs of our minds started turning and we explored the many potential use cases for the FL360 by Law enforcement professionals, it was a really eye opening experience. Follows is a quick summary of the areas this rugged 360 camera could be used.

Specialty Firearm teams, Emergency Response Teams, Prisons, Hostage Situations, Drug Lab Takedowns, Large Vehicle Search, Ship Board Void Search & Seizure, Room Entry & Clearing, Building search – attics, basements, crawlspaces. Additionally, the ability to record and share and playback a full 360 view of an area before carrying out an operation could be a real game changer.

We left a camera system for evaluation and trial can’t wait to get the feedback… more to come on this…

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FL360 APP Update – V.2.2.1

FL360 APP Update – V.2.2.1

What’s great about a wireless mobile integrated 360° technical rescue camera? App updates!!!!! Oh yes, finally a rescue camera that gets better over time. We’ve got a new update to the FL360 App media gallery and want to share the new features.


1. Scrubbing – An operator can now fast forward/rewind/pause through an entire 360° recorded video.

2. Looping – We now offer one touch continuous play.

3. Metadata – Images are now stamped with GPS coordinates, date, time, camera serial number, and size of file. Videos already have this feature.

4. Mapping – Images are now cached on the map for review.

5. Media Tab – we now have both images and videos located in the same screen.

6. Recorded Video Snapshot – While playing recorded 360° video the operator can now record snapshots. Those snapshots will also have metadata attached.

More to come, so stay tuned for more from the Agility Bat Lab!



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Solider Systems Daily – FirstLook360

Solider Systems Daily – FirstLook360


Solider Systems Daily a premier daily web publication covering the tactical industry recently posted information about FirstLook360. SSD give Government and Military acquisition professionals, Industry leaders, and consumers alike give up-to-date reporting and in-depth analysis on all things tactical/military. All information is weighed for its added value and paired with historical data to provide unmatched insight into the tactical industry. No one else focuses on industry like Soldier Systems Daily and no one else publishes the sheer volume of information on a daily basis.  Check out the post HERE.

MAPPING – 360° Video and Image Markers

MAPPING – 360° Video and Image Markers

How incredible would it be to have images and 360° video of void spaces marked on a map where they were taken? Visual markers taken throughout the entire search campaign and shared amongst response teams. Well, for the first time in a rescue, our camera, FirstLook360 and the FL360 App give you the ability to do this. The picture shown in the post displays 360° videos in numbered clusters that were recorded at specific locations. As you zoom in closer in the map the clusters can and will separate in the location they were recorded. Simply press one of the numbered markers and voila, a library of 360° videos recorded at the scene that are available for the operator to share instantly. The video files include GPS, date, time, FL360 camera serial number, and file size data.

This is the first of many advances the Agility team will introduce over time and we’re really excited for whats next.

Contact us today for a demo by calling 604-259-1579 or email us at

To see the camera at work, check out how the FL360 Camera works wirelessly with the FL360 App……

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Spherical Viewing for Rescue Operations – What is it and what does it mean?

Spherical Viewing for Rescue Operations – What is it and what does it mean?

When search and rescue cameras were introduced in the early 1990’s they changed the way technical search specialists conducted operations in collapsed structures. Since that time, technology has moved forward by leaps and bounds but search camera development over the same period appears to have stalled. Current technical search cameras contain an image sensor mounted in a housing that requires it to move left or right via a series of small servo motors attached to fine pitch gears, drives or pulley’s. The camera body is then turned 90 degrees so that the head moves up or down to provide a view of the rest of the space. The mechanical movement of the camera head has its drawbacks and anyone who uses them regularly will tell you that the mechanical head is prone to; breakage, expensive repairs and potentially lengthy periods where the equipment is out of service. (more…)

NEW Distribution Partner – SAKURA Rubber Co. JAPAN

NEW Distribution Partner – SAKURA Rubber Co. JAPAN

Agility Technologies is pleased to announce a new distribution partnership with SAKURA Rubber Company in JAPAN. SAKURA will oversee representation and distribution of FirstLook360 exclusively in the country of JAPAN. If you’re interested in a demonstration of the FL360 system, please contact them today. #FL360 #techrescue #USAR #sar #searchcamera #japanrescue

SAKURA Rubber Company

1-21-17 Sasazuka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan Z151-8587

w. p. +81-3-3466-2171 /

Advancing Technical Rescue

NEW Distribution Partner – Vimpex UK

NEW Distribution Partner – Vimpex UK

Agility Technologies is pleased to announce a new distribution partnership with Vimpex in the UK. VimpexRescue will oversee representation of the FirstLook360 camera in England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland. If you’re interested in a demonstration of FL360 system, please contact them today. #FL360 #techrescue #USAR #sar #searchcamera

Tel: +44 (0) 1702 216999
Fax: +44 (0) 1702 216699
Facebook: VimpexRescue /
Advancing Technical Rescue

NEW Distribution Partner – Fire Rescue Safety Australia

NEW Distribution Partner – Fire Rescue Safety Australia

Agility Technologies is pleased to announce a new distribution partnership with Fire Rescue Safety Australia (FRSA). FRSA will oversee exclusive representation of the FirstLook360 camera in Australia, New Zealand and all areas covering the Oceania region. If you’re interested in a demonstration of FL360 system, please contact them today (see contact information below).

National PH – 1300 4 RESCUE (1300 4 737283)

Perth – Ph +61(08) 92706777
Adelaide – Ph +61(08) 83111160
Brisbane – Ph +61(07) 32097422
Sydney – Ph +61(02) 80596902
Melbourne – Ph +61(03) 85353300 /

FL360 is rated IP68

FL360 is rated IP68

The testing and research team at the Agility Bat Lab are proud to meet their goal of providing FirstLook360 with a IP68 designation.  Using the provided Environmental Battery Lid, FL360 is protected from total dust ingress and water immersion up to 3 meters for 30 minutes.  Whether you’re using the camera in extreme dirt and dust conditions or happen to be searching in a monsoon, you can always count on FirstLook360.


FIRSTLOOK360 – Live Streaming 360° Technical Rescue Camera

FIRSTLOOK360 – Live Streaming 360° Technical Rescue Camera

The explosion of mobile technology in every area of our society is all around us. New ways to order taxi cabs, pay for meals, interact with appliances, and communicate with friends using our mobile devices have come out at record pace. These technologies seem to automagically appear on our devices. However, even with all these advances, many rescue professionals must make do with antiquated equipment. That said, rapid changes are coming; FirstNet in the United States and Tetra/GSM in Europe will take interoperability to the next level. What these systems lack are the integrated job specific accessories that take them beyond simple handheld communication devices and make them central to a rescue effort.

Agility Technologies Corporation (ATC), was started with the ambitious mission to harness new technologies and develop products for Rescue professionals. In short, we wanted to put the “Tech” back in Technical Rescue. ATC founders’ combined 30+ years of experience designing and manufacturing practical and reliable rescue equipment, joined with the technical abilities of a young focused team of innovative engineers, gave birth to FirstLook360 (FL360). FL360 is the first live streaming 360° technical search camera designed specifically for today’s technical rescue teams that will allow them to leverage the advantages of mobile connectivity and interoperability well into the future.










Those familiar with existing rescue cameras will notice right away that FL360 contains no moving parts. The design completely does away with the rubber bellows that cover a series of joints, motors, gears, pulleys or belts used to turn the camera head left or right. FL360 utilizes two ultra-wide angle lenses on either side of a sealed camera head to achieve a complete 360° visual experience without the need to move the head.

The brain of the FL360 is its onboard microprocessor loaded with ATC’s proprietary firmware that combines the video from both lenses together into a seamless single stream, allowing rescuers to view an entire space without having to move the camera. This video stream is viewable in real time via a wired or wireless connection on the provided tablet running the FL360 Android App. The app is the central hub which controls the many features of FL360. Because time is critical during any rescue mission, FL360 can save time by not having to wait for slow clockwork mechanisms to move the camera head, The image of an entire space is taken all at once.  A rescuer now has multiple options on how best to conduct the void space search. The FL360 allows for an alternative approach where the 360 video recordings and still images can be shared over LTE, Wi-fi, emailed, or messaged to colleagues who may be thousands of miles away to conduct a precise search of the space.  This capability allows a Rescue team in the field to leverage resources back at home. As all of the images include time, date and GPS data they can be integrated into mapping and incident command programs.

The FL360 user interface (UI/UX)  has been optimized for visual search to be conducted by the rescuer in real time, simply probe the camera in any space and view anywhere within the space by swiping a finger across the screen or by using FL360’s virtual joystick feature to control the focus area. Views can be inspected in more detail by using pinch to zoom feature and for dark or low lit spaces the camera head incorporates 6 Super Bright LEDs with operator controllable brightness levels on the tablet.


FL360 Application Features:

Spatial orientation and re-center control Meridian line with forward pointer
Time, date and GPS location data Low latency live streaming and/or recording
Spherical 360°still image capture Real-time sharing of 360° videos and images (WiFi & LTE)
On board storage with removable SD card available up to 256G Push-To-Talk controllable two-way audio
Onboard diagnostics Multiple user preference settings
Purpose built and downloadable viewer In app help screen overlays
VR capable using VR googles with viewer app (training) Video and image map overlay



FirstLook360 – ATC USAR Kit #1

FL360 Rescue Camera w/Audio & Environmental Lids FL360 Tethering Cable w/Connectors
FL360 Li-ion Protected Batteries (4) Multi-Charger – Batteries/Tablet (w/Vehicle Charging Adapter)
FL360 Collapsible/Telescoping Camera Boom Power Bank Battery w/Charging Cable (10,050 mAh)
FL360 Grip Handle w/Camera Support FL360 Camera Boom Shoulder Sling
FL360 Rail Mount for Grip Handle Tablet – 9.7” (Wi-Fi & LTE)
FL360 Behind Head Operator Headset Tablet Holder – 9.7”
FL360 Smart Battery Holder Tablet Holder Base w/1” Ball
FL360 Battery Compartment Tool – 4mm Hex Tablet Adjustable Mounting Arm w/Double Socket
FL360 Boom Mount w/1” Ball 9.7” Silicone Tablet Protective Cover
FL360 Coiled Cable w/Connectors  SD Card Memory Expansion (64GB)
FL360 Hard Case w/ Custom Foam Interior 9.7” Screen Protection Film w/Anti Glare
CR123A Battery Adapter Tubes (2)




Multi Use Tool

FirstLook360 is designed to be a complete multipurpose system. The idea is to put something in the hands of Rescuers that has additional capabilities far exceeding the single use victim location cameras currently available. In addition to its primary function as a survivor location camera following a building collapse, the portability and connectivity options allow the FL360 to be used for other operational uses;

Trench/Rope Rescue – FL360 can be hung from a high point, over an edge or above a trench to stream video images to a command truck, belay person or viewed on tablets or mobile devices.

Vehicle Extrication – FL360 could be used to look into the foot wells or crushed cabs of cars and trucks to ensure no person or object is in the way prior to cutting.

Fire Inspection/ Investigation – FL360 can be poked through T-Bar Ceilings or into attics to check that sprinklers are attached or used to record a full 360 view of a fire scene as visual evidence so nothing gets left out of the shot. In addition all audio notes are recorded with the video in real time with Time Date and GPS data for evidentiary purposes.

On-Scene Recording – FL360 can be set up on a pole or hung from a highpoint to record events during a fire. Its 360 capability allows it to record video in all directions for forensic review or training purposes.

Hazmat – FL360 can be taken an left in a contaminated area to wirelessly stream and record a 360° view of an event back to a command post in the safe zone.  The IP67 rating makes it easy to clean and decontaminate for ongoing use.

The above list is by nature incomplete, the technology developed for the FL360 has many capabilities outside the rescue field for which it was initially designed. Applications for Law enforcement, Corrections, Border security and vehicle inspections have been identified by users who have seen the camera in action.  In addition, a host of application “Future Software Features” is being compiled for the next application upgrade of the FL360 app.

We will be posting regular updates on the camera and its usage, so other teams in the field can learn and apply FL360 for their own use. Subscribe to our newsletter at, email us at or call +1 604-259-1579 to arrange a demonstration.

Written by Andy Ibbetson – Co-founder of Agility Technologies Corp.

Andy with his father Terry was one of the founding members of Con-Space Communications Ltd until it was taken over by a European group. As a volunteer Fire Fighter and a practical hands-on individual he was responsible for numerous product developments that have become standard equipment in thousands of brigades and departments across the globe. He is currently the Co-Founder, Partner and Director of Product Development at Agility Technologies Corporation located in British Columbia, Canada he can be reached at




FirstLook360 is the new kid on the block and we wanted to break down all that makes our camera so different from the current cameras in the market that have been around for years.  Since the launch at FDIC this year, we get asked what makes FL360 different from the other guys. It’s the question we get asked the most and so we’ve decided to take the time to sift through publicly available information to build up a “Head to Head” comparison.  In our opinion, FL360 is the most versatile technical rescue camera on the market today but we are quite obviously biased.  So we throw it over to you, our potential customers, to decide based on facts.  Quite simply……you be the judge.

2017 Rescue Camera Head to Head Comparison – DOWNLOAD

If this still isn’t enough information to satisfy your thirst for knowledge, we have included links to each manufacturer’s camera within the document.  If you want to contact us we can be reached via email or phone  +1 604 259 1579 and send you a more detailed technical comparison or arrange a demonstration.

FL360 Threaded Anchor Points

FL360 Threaded Anchor Points

In this weeks blog post from the Agility Bat Lab, we make tribute to the original Batman, Adam West.  He heralded the dawn of tech geeks and made us all want to be one.  May you rest in peace sir.

Threaded Anchor Points – Why did we include threaded anchor points in the design of FL360?

Well first of all, the rear threaded anchor point was already designed into the housing of the camera so that it could provide a connection point for our collapsible/extendable boom pole.  This allowed the camera to be extended into a void space much like traditional cameras in the market today.  What we realized later was that we could use an eye bolt and/or hook attachment as well to allow the camera to be lowered into a vertical space using rope.

The second threaded anchor point was basically an after thought.  We found out when we started testing in real life … the point of 360° means it doesn’t matter which way it is hung, so we included a threaded hole at the top of the camera’s arch.  This is where the ingenuity of the rescue community kicked in.  We received suggestions like making a screw in probe to move things out of the way within a void space, using a hook attachment to pull things out of a space.  It was also suggested we could you use a flashlight attachment or a magnet if need be.  Basically what we’ve created is a visual multipurpose tool.

One of the more unusual suggestions was to attach carabiners to the front and the back anchor points and have the camera slide down a cable like a “Bat Torpedo.”  Yes, this was suggested and thinking about it more and more, it isn’t a bad idea.  So with that all said, what would you use the threaded anchor points for?  Please let us know at


Agility Technologies Corp Launches Revolutionary Live Streaming 360° Technical Rescue Search Camera

Agility Technologies Corp Launches Revolutionary Live Streaming 360° Technical Rescue Search Camera

Richmond, BC, Canada., April 6, 2017

Agility Technologies Corporation (ATC) proudly announces FirstLook360 (FL360), an industry first live streaming 360° Technical Rescue Search Camera.  FL360 captures seamless high definition streaming spherical panorama video with wired and wireless connectivity in a ruggedized IP67 housing that will fit through a standard 2.0” coring hole. FL360 contains no moving parts and the design does away with the rubber bellows that cover a series of joints, motors, gears, pulleys and/or belts used in today’s available rescue cameras.  FL360 was engineered to increase battery life, decrease search times, and allow a multipurpose tool that can be used in various technical rescue applications including structural collapse, trench, high-angle, vehicle extrication and on-scene situational awareness.

With FL360’s accompanying Android app, a user can record video, take snapshots, transmit and receive two-way audio via the robust, multi-use camera head. Using the provided tablet, the rescuer is able to view an entire space by using a finger with swipe gestures or with the app’s virtual joystick feature to control the focus area. FirstLook360 will be available as part of the ATC USAR Kit designed to replace aging, expensive, and mechanically weak articulating cameras originally developed for rescue use in the 1990’s.

ATC will be demonstrating FL360 at the Fire Department Instructors conference (FDIC) from April 25th-29th in the Spec Rescue International booth #3403. For more information, or to download a brochure, check out the website at, send an email to or call 604-259-1579.

Andy Ibbetson, one of the founders of ATC, commented that “We set out to put Tech back into Technical Rescue. FL360 combines advances in technology, imaging, connectivity, mobile integration, and mechanical design that will provide rescue professionals with a multi-purpose advanced camera that we believe will open the door to new methods to save time and improve outcomes. FL360 is an exciting beginning…check it out!”

About Agility Technologies:
Agility Technologies, located in Richmond, BC, Canada, engineer best-In-class imaging and communications products for emergency, military and industrial professionals working in hazardous environments.

FIRSTLOOK360 – The First Wireless Streaming 360° Rescue Camera

FIRSTLOOK360 – The First Wireless Streaming 360° Rescue Camera

We at Agility are incredibly excited to give you the Search & Rescue community a sneak peak into what we’ve been working on. Let me introduce FIRSTLOOK360, the First Wireless Streaming 360° Rescue Camera.  Launching in early 2017, this will be the first camera of its kind offered to the technical rescue market and giant leap in technology in visual search.  It was our goal with FL360 to utilize current consumer technology and mobile to make a product that was simple, modular, multi-purpose, and adaptable.   Any rescuer experienced in the area of technical search can easily point out the weak areas of current visual search camera’s; they’re heavy,  the mechanical articulation of the camera head is prone to damage, quick battery drain, configurations are static and the units are an expensive “one trick pony”. FL360 increases battery power, decreases search time, and allows a multipurpose tool that can be used in various technical rescue applications.  (more…)

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