Agility Technologies is excited to announce the launch of the Reach and Rescue Long Reach Telescopic Rescue Pole Adapter the FirstLook360 Spherical Vision Camera.

Reach and Rescue based in the UK ( are leading the charge in extended reach capabilities in the Emergency Services. Their equipment is fast becoming standard equipment on vehicles around the world. The FirstLook360 camera can operate both wired or wirelessly and has an attachment provision for a tripod or extendable pole so rather than starting from scratch, it made a great deal of sense to work together and develop an adapter that would allow FL360 to be used with a Reach and Rescue telescoping pole. For our customers this approach will result in saving time, saving money and saving space on a rescue vehicle.

In addition, this cross over capability give rescuers one more tool in the toolbox to adapt improvise and overcome obstacles with a goal of improving outcomes. Reach and Rescue poles are available in lengths up to 17M (55 ft) giving rescuers easy access to upper floor windows, visuals of roof layouts or probe deeply into shaft, cave and/or well.

“We are ecstatic to work with Jo, Sean and the team at Reach and Rescue. Rescuers will certainly experience the benefits of this collaboration, “said Andy Ibbetson, Director of Product Development at Agility Technologies.

For more information on the new adapter and Reach and Rescue’s Long Reach Rescue Pole, please contact us using the the information below.

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