Whatever the tactical operation, the search for illegal activity is ongoing for a tactical team in any application. Tactical teams are always searching for hidden contraband, drugs and weapons during their operation as it’s crucial for evidence gathering. In addition, suspects hiding in attics or spaces not visible with the human eye comes into play. “Fatal funnel”  as it’s known, place a significant disadvantage in which teams are extremely vulnerable to attack. A search camera offers to reduce risk when clearing attics, basements, and/or crawl spaces. The safety of the officer is incredibly important. 

With FirstLook360’s spherical imaging technology, a tactical team now has the ability to see a complete 360° view of any space in seconds. An officer can probe an attic or crawl space in complete silence and simply view the space by swiping their finger across the tablet screen.  At the same time, the entire space can be recorded for evidentiary purposes. The system is designed to allow viewing of any void space your eyes can’t see.  

Mobile integration, lightweight robust construction, wireless 360° spherical imaging and much more enable tactical teams to view more than they ever have before.  FL360 is the new tech for todays tactical team.

  • SRT – Special Response Team
  • SWAT – Special Weapons & Tactics
  • RRT – Rapid Response Team
  • ERT – Emergency Response Team
  • DEA – Drug Enforcement Team
  • HRT – Hostage Rescue Team
  • SORT – Special Operations Response Team
  • SOG – Special Operations Group
  • MTU – Mobile Tactical Unit
  • CTRU – Counter Terrorism Response Unit
  • HSI – Homeland Security Investigations
  • TRT – Tactical Response Team
  • SOT – Special Operations Team
  • EST – Emergency Support Team
  • TSU – Tactical Support Unit
  • SERT – Special Emergency Response Team
  • ESU – Emergency Services Unit
  • TACLET – Tactical Law Enforcement Team
  • TRU – Tactical Support Unit
  • SPU – Special Police Unit
  • SST – Special Security Team
  • QRF – Quick Reaction Force

Visit Board Search & Seizure

Military and law enforcement agencies all over the world have to patrol their territorial waters and the shipping traffic that is a constant flow in and out of ports.  As part of this security, many agencies have developed Visit Board Search and Seizure teams (VBSS) that are specifically designed to combat terrorism, piracy, smuggling, and to conduct customs, safety and other inspections. 

FirstLook360 is the perfect tool for VBSS teams as the camera provides a lightweight robust construction with the technology of wireless 360° spherical imaging that will allow them to view void spaces on ships and other marine vessels for inspection in a matter of seconds. In addition, the FL360 camera can record 360° video and take snapshots that can be reviewed and used for evidence if needed.  The intention is to provide the team another set of eyes in spaces that are not visible, spaces that could hide contraband, human trafficking, and other illegal activity but also to provide a much smaller visual tool. The power of FL360 is its speed, functionality and mobile integration. No other search camera can do more.

  • MET – Maritime Engagement Teams
  • MSST – Maritime Safety & Security Teams
  • MSRT – Maritime Safety & Response Teams
  • PSU – Port Security Units
  • TACLET – Tactical Law Enforcement Teams
  • LEDET – Law Enforcement Detachment
  • NSF – National Strike Forces
  • DSF – Deployed Specialized Forces
  • MRF – Maritime Raid Forces
  • VBST – Vessel Boarding Security Teams
  • NTOG – Naval Tactical Operations Group
  • MTOG – Maritime Tactical Operation Group

Border Inspection

The FL360 Camera is an effective portable tool that can be utilized for visually inspecting holds or void spaces of heavy goods vehicles, ships or aircraft used to transport people or goods.

The system requires minimal training and is self-contained allowing a single operator to effectively search difficult to access areas quickly and efficiently. The camera produces a 360° spherical view of the entire space to ensure that nothing is overlooked.  In addition, FL360 has its own onboard user-controlled lighting and can record 360 spherical video. All recordings and still images contain time, date and GPS metadata so that it can be used for training or evidentiary purposes. All video recordings include audio by default.   

FirstLook360 is the perfect portable grab-and-go inspection camera for border security personnel looking to verify they’ve seen the entire space.


  • CBP – Customs and Border Protection
  • OFO – Office of Field Operations
  • BORSTAR – Border Patrol Search Trauma & Rescue
  • BORTAC – Border Patrol Tactical Unit
  • IBET – Integrated Border Enforcement Team

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