FirstLook360 is the new kid on the block and we wanted to break down all that makes our camera so different from the current cameras in the market that have been around for years.  Since the launch at FDIC this year, we get asked what makes FL360 different from the other guys. It’s the question we get asked the most and so we’ve decided to take the time to sift through publicly available information to build up a “Head to Head” comparison.  In our opinion, FL360 is the most versatile technical rescue camera on the market today but we are quite obviously biased.  So we throw it over to you, our potential customers, to decide based on facts.  Quite simply……you be the judge.

2017 Rescue Camera Head to Head Comparison – DOWNLOAD

If this still isn’t enough information to satisfy your thirst for knowledge, we have included links to each manufacturer’s camera within the document.  If you want to contact us we can be reached via email or phone  +1 604 259 1579 and send you a more detailed technical comparison or arrange a demonstration.

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